You planned it weeks ago, and are finally out on the open water. The gentle nudge of the waves against the boat, the open skies, the scenic backdrop of the Hawaiian shoreline and the company of your closest friends makes for a memorable Hawaii deep sea fishing trip with Flyer Sportfishing.

We will accompany you during your excursion on Flyer, our 31-foot Eastern sIMG_4371portfisher, to provide relaxed direction and assistance, helping you make an impressive catch.

We also make it a point to share information with you on your blog that will help teach you about some fish you may encounter on the water. Captain Jared Dow reports that billfish are appearing nearby. Here are five types of billfish to look for on your next charter.


 Blue Marlin

One of the most coveted catches is a blue marlin. Blue marlin are the largest of all bluefish as they can reach 11 feet and weigh up to 2,000 pounds. They are characterized by cobalt blue  shading on top and silvery white on the bottom. This billfish can be found throughout the world in tropical, subtropical and temperate ocean water. They are also the only marlin that has  rigid pectoral fins that cannot be folded.



A sailfish, which is found in warmer water, looks exactly how it sounds, as it has a high blue dorsal fin that looks like a boat’s sail. They are usually around seven feet long and grow rapidly,  reaching four to five feet in a single year. Surprisingly, sailfish have longer bills than spearfish.



Speaking of spearfish, there are three main species: The shortbill spearfish, the longbill spearfish and the Mediterranean spearfish. The shortbill spearfish can be found in the Pacific and Indian oceans. This fish has a dorsal fin similar to the sailfish, but not as tall or long.



The swordfish is known for its long, weapon-like bill, which it uses to hunt its prey. This predatory fish is the lone member of the Xiphiidae family. Similar to some sharks, they also have special organs that heat their eyes and brain, helping them better catch their prey.


Striped Marlin

The striped marlin is marked by a dark blue or black dorsal area and silvery white body, which is laced with cobalt stripes. It has a medium-sized bill, and its pectoral fins are more flexible than other billfish.


If you wish to book a half or full-day charter, or learn more about the various types of billfish you may encounter if you go fishing in Hawaii, we invite you to contact us by calling 808-365-2520 or filling out a contact form on our website.