If you’re getting ready for a fishing excursion, you’ve come at an amazing time for tuna! Deep sea fishing in Hawaii is exploding right now because there are schools of Yellowfin (Ahi) tuna moving through that weight up to 200 pounds- some great news for tuna fans! If you’re looking to get started hunting your own massive Yellowfin, there’s no better time to jump into sport fishing in Hawaii than right now. Bring along some of these top tuna baits, and get ready to land a fish that both delicious and nutritious!

Bigger yellowfin require large baits, so one of the most tempting treats to tuna is the Pacific Mackerel. The largest fish can even be baited with small skipjack tunas in the range of two to five pounds. Because there are schools of tuna ranging from 80 to 200 pounds moving though, it is beneficial to carefully consider that the size of bait you use will dictate the size of tuna that will be attracted.

Tuna usually come to the surface when enticed with bait, so if live bait is not available, you can try a technique called “chunking.”

Chunking requires cutting up parts of a baitfish and tossing them over the side of a boat as you would chum. Then, attach a circle hook into one of the chunks for the tuna to latch onto. Tuna have excellent eyesight, so they will not hesitate to come right up to the surface to feed, and they don’t like to nibble on their food; you’ll immediately know if a yellowfin has taken your bait! Just make sure to let a lot of line in the water; this way the chunks can drift away without getting dragged, tangled or caught.

Fishing for tuna can be a fun and exciting activity, and now is an especially good time to head out to give it a shot on your own! Bring your family along, and get ready to experience the thrill of feeling that first bite on your line.

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