Have you ever spent a whole day out trying to catch fish, only to find that they seem to be repelled by your line? Get ready to never have to worry about lacking fish to catch again when you’re fishing in Oahu! With new fish aggregating devices (FADs), we’ve been seeing massive schools of Mahi Mahi, Ahi tuna, and blue Marlins passing through – it’s been nonstop action by some of the biggest fish, and it’s all thanks to FADs!


Fish aggregating devices (FADs) work by attracting fish to gather and form a food chain around a specific point. Fish are obsessed with floating objects; in nature, they use things like jellyfish or seaweed to mark where they are, because the floating object provides a visual stimulus that is largely absent in the open sea. Smaller fish in particular love things that float because it provides them some protection and camouflage from the bigger guys who want to eat them. When a man-made FAD is placed in a popular fishing zone, schools of small fish tend to gravitate to it. After a certain period of time, the larger fish catch on, and also move toward the FAD to feed. This creates a food chain for the fish and an incredible fishing opportunity for you!


Sport fishing in Oahu has seen a massive increase in large fish being caught thanks to government-sponsored FADs spread throughout the Oahu area. Buoys anchored in over 5,000 pounds of concrete are attracting game fish left and right- we’ve even track Ahi tuna weighing over 200 pounds! Mahi have been seen in large numbers as well, and even Marlins are coming in to snack!


Now is the perfect time to take advantage of these FADs and plan your sport fishing trip to Hawaii with Flyer Sportfishing. We have a commitment to provide you with thrilling sport fishing action. We also have a laid-back attitude, so whether you’re a visitor or a resident angler, you can fish with us without breaking the bank.