If you’re going hunting for Blue Marlin on your next tripsport fishing in Hawaii, make sure that you’re using the right bait! While dead baits and fake lures can fool plenty of fish, a Blue Marlin will rarely pass up the opportunity to snack on some live bait, even if they aren’t feeling particularly aggressive.

If you’re busy booking your nextfishing charter in Oahu, make sure that these live baits are on your list to catch the biggest Blue Marlins!

  • Blue runners. Contrary to their name, blue runners are less blue than they are beige-gray. They’re the perfect fish for live-baiting the elusive Blue Marlin. Found typically in shallow lagoons and lower waters, these baitfish can even be caught by chumming before you head out to sea!
  • Pinfish. The pinfish is a type of bait fish that is usually distinguished by the long, rainbow-colored stripes that run down its silver body. They have small, incisor-like teeth because they are naturally carnivorous in the wild. The pinfish is the only live bait that cannot be caught on the reef by chumming, so you will have to do a bit of planning if you want to use this type of fish as bait. However, their aggressive nature makes pinfish the perfect live baitfish because they make a large amount of movement in the water, attracting the bigger fish that you want to catch!
  • Ballyhoo. The ballyhoo is one of the most popular breeds of live bait fish to catch because their distinct body features make them easily stand out from the sea of other live baits. You’ll immediately be able to tell a ballyhoo by its long, beak-like face and slim body. These fish can be caught by staying in the shallow end of any saltwater area.

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