If you’ve been deep fishing in Hawaii in the past few months, or if you’ve been planning a trip to do so, you’ve probably already discovered that Ahi tuna are taking over the area! Ahi tuna are large, easy to catch in the Pacific, and most importantly, add a delicious twist to plenty of classic recipes!


Appreciating Ahi tuna doesn’t have to end while you’re searching for them on your fishing charters in Oahu. Here are three satisfying and healthy recipes that Flyer Sport Fishing encourages you to try out with the freshest Ahi tuna!


  • Poke.  Poke is a raw fish salad that uses cubed Ahi tuna in conjunction with fresh berries, soy sauce, avocado, quinoa and other ingredients to allow each individual item to shine. This classic Hawaiian appetizer is taking the world by storm thanks to its burst of flavor, easy preparation, and heart-healthy ingredients.


  • Ahi steaks. If you’re a fan of steak but don’t love what it can do to your waistline, Ahi steaks may be right for you! With fewer calories, more Omega-3 acids, and the same huge impact on taste, Ahi tuna steaks are quickly becoming an American staple for those who want to improve their health without sacrificing taste.


  • Tuna tacos. Forget bland old chicken and beef standards, Ahi tuna tacos are the wave of the future! The key to cooking up a great tuna taco is to keep the flavors of the fish in mind when deciding which toppings to add to your final product. Mango, cilantro, sesame oil, and cabbage are all excellent toppings that match the flavor of the tuna in your tacos.


Catching the fish more your speed? Now is the perfect time to book your next Pacific excursion with Flyer Sportfishing. Browse our website to start planning your next fishing getaway by booking a charter today!