One of nature’s most majestic creatures, the humpback whale is due to soon return to Hawaii for its mating season. These creatures are usually easily recognized by their massive size. They can easily reach over 50 feet in length, and the adult humpback whale usually weighs about 66,000 pounds. Before you even see a humpback whale, you may be able to recognize its distinct “song,” which whales use to communicate their interest to potential mating partners.


Those who have scheduled a Oahu deep sea fishing excursion with Flyer Sport Fishing between the months of November and May might be in for a surprise treat, as this is the season in which schools of humpback whales return to the coast of Hawaii to mate.


The humpback whale plays an integral role in ancient Hawaiian culture as many native Hawaiians believe that the humpback whale is an aumakua, or visiting ancestral spirit, so these gentle giants are treated with great respect.


Every year, the return of the humpback whale is treated as a celebrated homecoming, as Polynesian tradition states that these creatures are actually friendly ancestors coming home to check on their living loved ones.


Inspiring awe in many, the graceful underwater dance and distinctive songs of the humpback whale have captured the hearts of old and young viewers alike. If you are interested in going whale watching this season, the best time of year and place to see the humpback whale is off the coast of Oahu during the months of November through May. This is when the whales return home to Hawaii, spending the rest of their year hunting in the northern Arctic oceans.


If you’ve booked a charter with us here at Flyer Sport Fishing to go deep sea fishing in Hawaii during this time, you might be able to view one of nature’s most beautiful underwater acrobats! Contact us today to learn more about how you can see a humpback whale.