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Everything You Need to Know about Ahi Tuna

Caught year-round in the warm off the coast of Hawaii, fishing charters of Oahu often set out on an adventure to catch the delicious and nutritious Ahi tuna. Providing a thrilling chase that anglers of every skill level can enjoy, the Ahi tuna is quickly becoming one of the most [...]Read more

What You Need to Know about the Humpback Whale

One of nature’s most majestic creatures, the humpback whale is due to soon return to Hawaii for its mating season. These creatures are usually easily recognized by their massive size. They can easily reach over 50 feet in length, and the adult humpback whale usually weighs [...]Read more

3 of the Best Ahi Tuna Dishes

If you’ve been deep fishing in Hawaii in the past few months, or if you’ve been planning a trip to do so, you’ve probably already discovered that Ahi tuna are taking over the area! Ahi tuna are large, easy to catch in the Pacific, and most importantly, add a [...]Read more

The Best Live Bait to Catch Blue Marlin

If you’re going hunting for Blue Marlin on your next tripsport fishing in Hawaii, make sure that you’re using the right bait! While dead baits and fake lures can fool plenty of fish, a Blue Marlin will rarely pass up the opportunity to snack on some live bait, even if [...]Read more

How FADs Can Help You Catch More Fish This Season

Have you ever spent a whole day out trying to catch fish, only to find that they seem to be repelled by your line? Get ready to never have to worry about lacking fish to catch again when you’re fishing in Oahu! With new fish aggregating devices (FADs), we’ve been [...]Read more

5 Fish that You Can Catch on a Charter This Summer

Fishing is about more than sitting on a boat in the middle of a lake for hours on end! Sport fishing in Hawaii is gaining popularity amongst fishers who are looking for a unique adventure on the sea that they can’t find at home. If you’re looking to take fishing to a [...]Read more

Summer is the Season for Blue Marlin

When you imagine a summer vacation, you probably think about spending your days at the beach or visiting a theme park, but did you know that a tropical fishing trip can also make an amazing and memorable vacation? Deep sea fishing in Hawaii has become a popular activity with both [...]Read more

Top Baits for Catching Massive Yellowfin Tuna

If you’re getting ready for a fishing excursion, you’ve come at an amazing time for tuna! Deep sea fishing in Hawaii is exploding right now because there are schools of Yellowfin (Ahi) tuna moving through that weight up to 200 pounds- some great news for tuna fans! If you’re [...]Read more

The Ultimate Billfish Quiz

At Flyer Sportfishing, the leading deep sea fishing company in Hawaii, we are gearing up for the spring catch. You have the opportunity to catch fish and spot whales right off Oahu’s North Shore. While you are out on the water, you will likely spot a variety of billfish. [...]Read more

5 Types of Billfish to Look for on Your Next Charter

You planned it weeks ago, and are finally out on the open water. The gentle nudge of the waves against the boat, the open skies, the scenic backdrop of the Hawaiian shoreline and the company of your closest friends makes for a memorable Hawaii deep sea fishing trip with Flyer [...]Read more

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