Colossal Communicators

At Flyer Sportfishing, we seek to provide you with all that you need for a memorable adventure. Our crew is knowledgeable and assists you with our knowledgeable yet laid back attitude. This includes providing you with information about what you may encounter on the water. Picture [...]Read more

Learning About the Mahi Mahi

Over the last three months, we have focused our blogs on the various fish that are seen when taking a Flyer Sportfishing charter out for deep sea fishing along Oahu’s North Shore in Hawaii. Captain Jared Dow has reported that Yellowfin tuna are continuing to bite, Blue Marlin are [...]Read more

5 Things to Know About the Aku

The Aku has been spotted on many of Flyer Sportfishing’s deep sea fishing excursions near Haleiwa. Captain Jared Dow has stated that many Aku, Wahoo and Yellowfin tuna have been seen swimming in the water along Oahu’s North Shore. We provide anglers with a chance to catch these [...]Read more

Getting to Know the Big Ahi

Flyer Sportfishing is excited for a summer full of quality deep sea fishing in Hawaii. Located at the beautiful North Shore, we anticipate that you will find a great variety of different fish, including blue marlin and big Ahi, also known as the Yellowfin Tuna. Last month, we [...]Read more

What to Know About Blue Marlin

Our guests here at Flyer Sportfishing will witness an abundance of fish this summer. Fishing in Oahu, particularly the North Shore, will be adventurous this season as light trade winds this summer makes it possible for you to spot numerous quality fish such as big Ahi, commonly [...]Read more

7 Of the World’s Coolest Fish That Call Hawaii Home

ALOHA! Whether you are a recreational fisherman or a professional angler, you understand the allure that coincides with hunting down the perfect catch. Being that Earth is approximately 70% water, a great catch can come in many varieties. Some of the most popular fish include [...]Read more

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