Fisherman catching north shore sport fish, Oahu. Flyer offers the best Hawaii fishing charters.

Oahu Winter Fishing Season

Hi, this is Captain Jared Dow with Flyer Sportfishing at I just wanted to give you all a heads up about what’s been happening up here on Oahu’s North Shore lately this fall season.  With calm waters, Opelu ( a type of mackerel we use for live bait) biting well, and our FAD (fish aggregating device) holding size Mahi Mahis, it’s made for some unforgettable experiences for our clients! The biggest Mahi Mahi we caught recently topped the scale at 44.5#! That’s a really nice size bull. We have had plenty of days seeing 20-plus fish in a day, too. So, great numbers and good size make for good times! Last week, there was an off-season run of big, 100-160# class Yellowfin Tuna running around out far but accessible for our full-day charters, too! Striped Marlin is starting to show up, too, and there’s always a chance with lures in the water if catching a giant Blue Marlin. There were a few over 500#s last month that came to the dock. The state of Hawaii has had a grander size marlin caught every month of the year. You never know until you go! The new motor we installed last February is purring along. Captain Alex and crew are just waiting for you to book a trip to make it happen!

North Shore Winter Fishing Conditions & More

Flyer trolling boat at sea of the coast of the north shore.In another month, the Humpback Whales will be here too to offer some extra action while waiting for the reel to start screaming as they tail kick, breach, and play around. With all the signs we have been seeing and the fishing charter boat in top shape, we are expecting to have a great winter season. Speaking of winter. One thing I’d like to mention again and talk about more is the big swells that we get in the winter, which is misunderstood by so many. People tend to think that if the waves are big along the shoreline, then the swells offshore will be big and scary, too. That is not the case at all. The swell we get in the winter is long period swells coming from far away, making the interval or distance between each wave/swell long. These swell intervals offshore can get up to 20 seconds apart, so when that happens, it’s a real gradual up-and-down effect. Like little hills that the boat goes up for a while, then down for a while. It’s actually pretty cool to experience that open-water energy. It’s very unlike the wind swells that we get from local trade winds that have a short fetch and a 1-3 second interval. Those are the conditions we worry about more. A strong trade wind can definitely create some uncomfortable, breaking waves. When this happens, we will be sure to let you know of these conditions so that you can re-schedule or decide to push forward or not. The goal here is to have a great time! Please visit our website to see a bunch of great photos and book through our online calendar.

If you have any more questions about fishing or would like general information that may help out your vacation here in Hawaii,  please don’t hesitate to reach out through an email or call me at (808)365-2520. Aloha, Jared.