Oahu mahi mahi fishing charter showing off catch aboard the Flyer fishing vessel off the coast of Oahu's north shore.

Hawaii’s Best Mahi Mahi Charter

Mahi Mahi charter showing off their catch at the dock in Haleiwa, HI.Mahi-mahi, the fish so nice they had to name it twice! What is not to like about catching mahi-mahi in Hawaii. They are super aggressive, colorful, acrobatic, and fight really hard using every truck in the book! The Hawaii state record currently is at 82 pounds and my personal largest is 62 pounds. They average in the 8 to 30-pound range. We catch them year-round but they are most commonly caught during our fall and spring months. But like I said you can catch them on an Oahu fishing charter year-round especially if you find debris,  like a log or a discarded cargo net floating out in the ocean that has been there a while which creates a food chain and structure that Hawaii Mahi Mahi love. Finding that with a live well full of Opelu(mackerel) is, game on! That’s when we bust out the stand-up rods, bring in the lures, and pitch live or deadbeat until your arms hurt! It’s a really good time. Not uncommon to catch 20 to 40 fish when you find the right thing.

Mahi Mahi caught during a north shore sportfishing charter.Oahu Mahi Mahi lives up to their name which means strong and uses their body to fight you. Always going side to side on the surface using their big flat body to resist the pull of the rod. They are unmistakable fish with their bright blue/purple color on the bite with their yellow-green spotted bodies. Gender identity is super easy too with the bulls having that really flat face and square forehead while the cows head slope back gradually. I’ll never forget the first time seeing them and just thought how amazing and prehistoric looking. Mahi Mahi is also one of my favorite fish to cook very nice white, delicate, moist meat. Mild in flavor,  great for ceviche, grilled, pan-fried, tacos. Always a crowd-pleaser! What is not to love about them? Probably one of the most popular fish to have mounted as well with all the colors and make a great addition to any home or office!  Mahi live up to only  3 years growing 2 pounds a month. Females always have eggs in them and are found in oceans worldwide.