Mahi-Mahi fishing Oahu

4 Things that Will Make Us Your Favorite Sportfishing Charter Company

Going deep sea fishing off Oahu is a thrilling experience for anglers of all skill levels. Whether your goal is to enjoy the mighty Pacific, reel in a trophy fish, or just enjoy time with your friends and loved ones, you will be pleased.

At Flyer Sportfishing, we help you make lasting memories no matter how much fishing experience you have. How? Read on to learn more!

Plentiful Catch

When going North Shore charter fishing on Oahu with us, you are bound to see many different types of fish. As profiled in our previous blog posts, you may catch fish such as the Mahi Mahi, Aku, Big Ahi, Blue Marlin, Otaru, Wahoo, and much more! You never know what you might end up finding in the Pacific’s immense waters.

Flyer trolling boat at sea of the coast of the north shore.

Impressive Vessel

In order to catch these fish, impressive north shore fishing boats are needed. We have “The Flyer”, a 31-foot Eastern sport fisher, has many impressive features:

  • Flared bow for a gentle ride
  • Walk-around design
  • Modern electronics
  • Spacious seating
  • V-berth
  • Live well, full-sized teak fighting chair
  • Tuna door
  • Redone bathroom

Scenic Location

Aboard the Flyer, and you can take in the beauty of this scenic location. The North Shore Oahu fishing is simply gorgeous. The vivid blue water and its accompanying crashing waves, the hideaway coves, the expansive wildlife and marine inhabitants, the miles of soft sand, and the brilliantly-hued sunrises and sunsets are simply picturesque.

Professional Guidance

Among Flyer Sportfishing distinguishing features is the professional guidance we all share with you while you are on your deep s fishing excursion. With many years of experience, our crew is knowledgeable and also accommodating. You are provided with custom tackle and pro advice throughout your trip. We offer half-day and full-day charters to fit your schedule and will even fillet up to 25 pounds of your catch on half-day excursions and 50 on full-day trips. We are open to requests and will help you make lasting memories.

You can learn more about our unforgettable charters and services by calling us at 808-365-2520 or learning more on our website.