5 Fish that You Can Catch on a Charter This Summer

Fishing is about more than sitting on a boat in the middle of a lake for hours on end! Sport fishing in Hawaii is gaining popularity amongst fishers who are looking for a unique adventure on the sea that they can can’t find at home. If you are looking to take fishing to a whole new level, consider catching these five fish on one of our Oahu deep-sea charters!

Marlin sport fishermen showing off their catch on the docks on the North Shore. Mahi-mahi and yellowfin tuna are also displayed.


1) Blue marlin. The blue marlin is one of the most common fish caught on charter boats and can be easily baited. They are especially plentiful for deep-sea fishing in Hawaii, so if you have ever wanted to catch one of these big blues, charter fishing is a great way to go!


2) Yellowfin Tuna. Massive schools of Ahi tuna have been spotted moving through the Pacific area! One of the best ways to snag one of these massive fish is on a charter as the larger varieties prefer to stay away from the shore.


3) Skipjack TunaAnother common Oahu sport fish, schools of skipjack tuna have been known to move throughout deep-sea areas, making charter fishing the ideal way to catch them.


4) Mahi Mahi. A year-round fish, the Mahi Mahi is an excellent choice for fishers who are looking for something big! Preferring to hang out in waters upward in temperature of 80 degrees, this tropical fish can weigh upwards of forty pounds on average! These fish are colorful, and easily identified thanks to their distinctive bump on the top of the head.


5) Wahoo. A perfect prize fish, this massive species prefers to spend its time in the tropical waters of Hawaii, peaking in number around July and August. Wahoo are characterized by their long and slim bodies, and tube-like mouth and face. Their flesh is valuable and prized among fishers, and they are easily caught on charter boats.


If you wish to catch one of these fish, we encourage you to schedule a charter with Flyer Sportfishing today!