Ono- fishing-North-Shore Oahu Hawaii

Summer is the Season for Blue Marlin

When you imagine a summer vacation, you probably think about spending your days at the beach or visiting a theme park, but did you know that a tropical fishing trip can also make an amazing and memorable vacation? Deep sea fishing in Hawaii has become a popular activity with both locals and tourists alike, as schools of Ahi Tuna and Blue Marlin pass through the area!

Hawaii has become one of the most popular destinations in the United States for fishers looking for a challenge. In particular, this season we are seeing large schools of Hawaii’s largest game fish, the Pacific Blue Marlin. Fishing in Hawaii is great year-round, but the most experienced anglers are now booking their trips to Hawaii to get in on catching these unusually large fish.

If you are considering saying “aloha” to Hawaii to get in o the action, be sure to book multiple days on the water; Pacific Blue Marlin tend to move frequently, so it may take a while for you to get to know each individual hot spot every day.

Blue Marlin are known to enjoy calm waters, so the best place in Hawaii to cash in on these school traveling through is Oahu. Fishing in Oahu is excellent for using live bait and capturing large fish because the water tends to be calm and quiet, allowing you to scope out the best spot to put your line. Blue Marlin tend to be attracted to larger lures, so we recommend using the four lure trolling pattern to make the most out of your fishing session. Because you can’t move with live bait in the water, knowing exactly where the fish are is crucial. Be sure to get to your spot of choice early, so you can track out where the school is that day.

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